Standard Submersible Pump

Flowdirect's Standard Submersible Pump product range is exclusively used for clean water application such as Agriculture, Public Utilities, and Industry, with standardised metallurgy and data.

Standard Submersible Pump Specifications

  • Pump size from 4" to 12".
  • Pump bowls, NRV/Discharge case, Suction Case/Motor Adapter are precision case.
  • Pump bowls may be vitreous enamelled at extra cost.
  • All impellers are closed type. The impellers are statically and dynamically balances. They are securely fastened to the pump shaft either by lock collet arrangement or by shaft key and lock nut arrangement. Impellers are assembled with shrink fitter wear rings. Wear rings can also be provided on the bowls at extra cost.
  • The pump shaft is made of precision ground stainless steel. Pumps are provided with metal and/or rubber bearing at the intermediate bowls.
  • Pump with keyed impellers are provided with stainless steel sleeves at bearing points.
  • All bearing are suitable for product lubrication by the medium being pumped.
  • A perforated brass strainer is fixed at the suction case to prevent entry of large suspended material into the pump.
  • Quick action Non Return Valve is provided with a cast iron flap and rubber seat to prevent back flow of product as the pump is rundown. NRV flap is made of bronze with bronze seat or spring loaded NRV can also be provided.
  • Cable Guard is provided along with the length of the pump body to protect lead cable from damage during installation.
image of a group of submersible pumps

Standard Submersible Pump Features

Discharge Case/Non-Return Valve or Discharge Case
Cast-Iron construction, 20 kg/m2 tensile strength to allow water passage from bowl assemble to drop pipe. Also connects bowls to drop pipe.

UP Thrust Pad
Bronze/Brass/Stainless Steel to resist up thrust.

Intermediate Bowl Bearing
Fluted Rubber acts as vibration dampener.

Intermediate Bowl
Intermediate bowl cast-iron housing for impeller. Equipped with several diffuser canes to allow passage for water.

Heavy cast-bronze, dynamically balanced.

Impeller Wear Ring
Aluminium bronze to resist wear and provide long impeller life. Renewable.

Impeller Taper Lock Collet
Split-steel tapered bushing between impeller shaft to hold impeller firmly in place.

Made of corrosion-resistant stainless-steel and sized to the torque and power requirements.

Suction Cases with Strainer
Made of cast-iron. It connects the motor and pump, and is designed to facilitate easy flow of water into the eye of the pump first stage impeller.

Cable Guard
Steel protector to prevent damage to the cable while pump is installed in the wall.

Shaft Coupling
Connect pump and motor shafts.

image of standard submersible


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