Offshore Submersible Pump

Flowdirect UK Ltd's philosophy is one of ultra-reliability and outstanding service.

Using our 100 years of pumping experience and the latest computational techniques, the team at Flowdirect UK Ltd have engineered a submersible pump-set to suit the most arduous conditions.

Offshore Submersible Pump Specifications

Submersible Pump Brochure (PDF 2MB)
Submersible Pump Specifications (PDF 0.4MB)
Submersible Pump Features (PDF 0.4MB)


Sizes: 4" - 12" bowls
Max Capacities: 573m3/hr (higher flows available on request)
Max Static Flow Temp: 55°C
Max Head: 400m
Speeds: 50Hz and 60Hz available

  • Continuously rising head curves.
  • Non-overloading power curves.
  • Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation.
  • Non-return valves available to prevent reverse rotation.


  • Specially designed for offshore applications.
  • Filled with Glycol/water.
  • Sized for 120% of maximum pump power.
  • Re-windable PE2 motor.
  • Robust bearing construction to absorb hydraulic thrust loads and provide rotor dynamic stability.


  • Ni-Al Bronze available as standard for hydraulic components.
  • Duplex and Super Duplex available when requested.

Typical Applications

  • Pre-fill water
  • Mud mixing water
  • Ballast water
  • Drill water
  • Wash down water
  • Water curtains
  • Cooling water
  • Fire water
  • Portable and sanitary water
offshore submersible pump

Offshore Submersible Pump Features

  1. Power supply cable: Flowdirect hold popular cable sizes in stock.
  2. Non-return valve: Spring loaded or gravity, non-clogging and canting. Short closing time avoids water hammer.
  3. Threaded Stud connections: Rapid and low cost dismantling with stainless steel studded connections.
  4. Bearing: water resistant bearings. High resistance against sand and vibration.
  5. Impellers: Wear resistant impellers of high quality bronze or stainless steel. Exact pump duties can be achieved through hydraulic modifications.
  6. Stationary and rotating wear rings: Wear resistant, replaceable stationary and rotating rings.
  7. Pump Casing: Materials available for all applications.
  8. Engineered coupling: Simple connection between pump and motor.
  9. Mechanical shaft seal and double lip seal system: highly wear resistant seal for a long life and integrity.
  10. Pump and motor shaft: High grade stainless steel of robust construction.
  11. Bearing sleeve: Double bearing sleeve made of synthetic carbon with spiral groove for cooling and lubrication of the motor.
  12. Motor cooling: Motor sized for pump max power. Option of temperature control in the motor by internal cooling circuit.
  13. Motor shroud: stainless steel.
  14. Counter axial thrust bearing: Resists axial up-thrust.

image of offshore submersible pump with cut-away sections


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